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Noritake Lanka Porcelain Private Limited is the pioneer porcelain tableware manufacturing conglomerate in Sri Lanka. The Company was established in 1972 as a joint venture company between Ceylon Ceramic Corporation and Noritake Co., Limited of Japan. Noritake Co., Limited of Japan is a hundred years old company which markets tableware under the brand "Noritake" all over the world.

The Company's production facility is located in Matale where country's rich minerals such as quartz, feldspar and dolomite deposits are spread. Factory operates with the production systems developed by the parent company in Japan. There are several Japanese technical advisors station in the factory to monitor production process to ensure products are manufactured in par with the international quality standards. The factory started its operations in 1972 just with 150 workforce and as at today workforce stands with 1200 skilled workers. Most of the workers, supervisors and managers of the factory are trained in Japan in their relevant fields.

Since the inception, company went with several expansion programs by investing nearly Rs.1,000 million to increase the production facility from 3,000 sets to 12,000 sets per month. In year 2008 the Company invested Rs.160 million to introduce Bone China Tableware making plant. Bone China Tableware is regarded as the most expensive tableware in the world and we will be the pioneer in this segment in Sri Lanka.

Tableware products manufactured by the Company are well within the standards issued by FDA of the United State of America for lead and cadmium release. This standard requires that the maximum level of lead and cadmium release to be at 0.5% PPM. We maintain this level below 0.2% PPM. Lead and Cadmium are small particles coming out from the decoration materials used to decorate tableware at the usage. These partials can cause cancer in human body if it reaches more than 0.5% PPM.

Special features of our products

  - Very high whiteness – 90%
- High translucency – 0.12%
- High Thermal shock resistance – 180 c
- Body is completely vitreous
- High temperature fired – 1270c
- High scratch resistance
- Resistant to acid and alkalis

Maintenance of all these features made possible by the facts that product designing, selection and processing of raw materials, processing of printing materials such as pigment and gold, silk printing screens are all done within Noritake enterprise.

Apart from Japanese expertise, our management processes are supported by ISO 9001:2000 certification from the Sri Lanka Standard Institute. Our factory in Matale is one of the largest production facility in the world to make high quality tableware under the brand "Noritake".

:: Noritake Lanka Porcelain - Your Ultimate Choice in Tableware ::

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